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XVideos Automation

The Ultimate Adult Tube bot, automating the whole process of the XVideos marketing process

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XVideos Upload Bot

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Purchase Information

Click the purchase button below to purchase The XVideosJazz Bot via Paypal using a PayPal account or Debit / Credit card for the low price of $77.

Please note this is a Windows applications. If you are another operating system, you will need to run the software in a VM, such as VMWare, Parallels, VirtualBox, BootCamp etc.

The program may will appear in your paypal statement as "video upload bot" just incase you do not want prying eyes to know the target of this bot...;-)

To receive your copy of the Video Watermarker, please send us an email after purchase and include your payment email to: support[[at]]rootjazz[[dot]]com

If you would prefer to pay with Payoneer, please send the correct amount to:

payoneer payment address

Then send an email to the above address with your transaction ID. Please note payments made with Payoneer must be put through manually, so please take into account timezone, weekends and hoildays before sending an angry mail saying you haven't received your license details :-)

After purchasing you should received the following mails.

  • Purchase confirmation*
  • Welcome mail from*

* These mails usually are received within 1 minute of making your purchase, but please wait a few minutes if not. Also, please check your spam mail folder as it has been reported some free email providers are incorrectly moving these mails to spam folders.

To ensure you receive all our mails please white list the following accounts

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