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Video Watermarker

Bulk add your watermark image to any video file.


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Rootjazz Presents to you:

Video Watermarker

Easily add watermarks to any video file. Simple as dragging a video file to a folder!

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Features - Video Watermarker

Works with any input video file

Regardless of the format of the input file, the Video Watermark from rootjazz can add your watermark image to it: avi, mov, flv, mpg, mp4 etc

Output to any video file

Prefer a specific output file for your video? No problem. If your machine has the codec installed, Video Watermarker can output to it

Merge a video to the beginning of videos to convert

A a custom trailor video to the beginning of all videos to convert

Use any format watermark image

All image types supported: gif jpef png bitmap etc.

Supports transparent watermarks

Use transparency to create a professional looking overlay watermark to your video.

Watch Folder

The Video Watermarker watches a folder and adds a watermark to any video file added to that directory. Once processed the original video can be moved or deleted depending on your preference. The output file is saved to a directory of your choosing, all automatically, all hands free, all very, very cool 8-)

Watch Multiple Folders

Watch multiple directories concurrently and specify a custom watermark image to be added to video files added to the different directories.

Database Storage

Video Watermarker stores your data in a database structure. If you want to shut down the application, it can restart all processes currently processing or queued. All processes can be redone, retried if failed, paused or cancelled.

Fantastic Support

We pride ourselves on offering fantastic support. Contact us via the forum, the ticket system or directly by email. Need to chat to someone, then we can come on Skype / Yahoo / AOL / ICQ whatever IM client you use to help you with any issues you may be having. Prefer to help yourself? Then check out the FAQ, the knowledge base or our Video Channel over on Youtube.

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Bulk add watermarks to any video file. More...
Auto add watermark to any video file added to a "watched" directory. More...
Watch multiple directories adding a custom watermark image to each. More...