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Support Channels

Pre-sales questions: All pre sales questions relating to what functionality the programs have, costs, bulk purchase discounts. Not bought our programs yet? Go here

Licensing / payment issues: Any issues relating to getting the programs working. Not received your license code yet? License code not working? Your computer not running the program? Ask here

Bug submissions: Found a bug in the program? Something not working correctly? Getting errors? Then ask here

General questions / how do I questions and everything else. Do not use the other forms for submitting your general questions, you will just be redirected here

To request your license details and download link be emailed to you, please go here Resend License Details.

To reset your license installs go here Reset License Form.

For general questions, questions regarding using the software use the forum. e.g. Questions such as "how do I..." "can I do this..." etc. We would like all support to be dealt with in the open, as it may help other users with a similar problem. We have nothing to hide and strongly believe honesty is the best policy

Video Tutorials - Youtube Channel

Videos are being added all the time, so do keep an eye on the Rootjazzvideos channel. Or better yet subscribe and be kept up-to-date.

Support Forum

Please use the forum for all support, enquires, questions, advice, tips and tricks. We pride ourselves on being completely open on what is being worked on, any known issues and future feature development.


Come join in the fun and read the blog, some interesting information and exclusive information will be released their first. And if you want, come join the spammers and leave a comment :-)