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Bug Submission / Issues Form

This form is for BUG SUBMISSIONS ONLY.

  • RESEND LICENSE If you want your license resent, please use the Resend License Form.
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  • For pre-sales questions, please use the pre-sales.
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  • For general questions, how do I..., requests for more information, please use for the support forum.

Any non-bug submissions on this form, will be redirected to the support forum

Please, read through this support forum post and submit your issue accordingly. It helps us understand your issue quickly without having to contact you again for more information / to investigate just to figure out what the issue is, thus giving more time to solve the issue and carry on improving the programs.<

Please fill in all information regarding your issue / bug submission. We need to know every detail about the action you performed in order to replicate what you did *EXACTLY* to generate the same outcome. This includes, action parameters (checkboxes, additional options etc) action values (search values, URLs passed in) and anything else that might be relevant.

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Subject: Please provide a concise and relevant subject / title to your issue

Submitted Logs ID: Enter the ID shown after submitting your logs via HELP > LOGS > SUBMIT from within the program

Processing logs: Please include the processing logs showing your issue. You will see the processing logs by double clicking your action in the processing tab

Screen shots: Please include any relevant screen shots, showing the setup of your actions which cause the issue. Upload your screen shots (e.g http://imgur.com and include URLs below

Issue Description: Describe the issue you are having. Detail (as a list) the steps required to replicate your issue. Describe any particular setup options for the action to generate the issue. Indicate whether the issue can be generated every time by your steps or whether was a one-off or a random occurance

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