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Licensing / Payment support


  • For bug submissions / program issues, please use the bug submission form.
  • For pre-sales questions, please use the pre-sales.
  • For general questions, how do I..., requests for more information, please use for the support forum.

Please fill in all information regarding your issue. It will help us resolve your issue quickly if we have all the information. Please double check your EMAIL address before submission, if it is incorrect we cannot contact you.

If you have not received your licensing / welcome mail with your registration keys. Please check your spam / junk folders. Please note, some domain name email providers (especially if hosted with godaddy) and web mail providers ( block our mails. If this may be your issue, please provide us with an alternative contact email e.g. hotmail, yahoo, gmail

Contact Email: The email to be used to contact you on

Purchase Email: The email used for the purchase

Purchase / Transaction ID:

Application Purchased:

Subject: Please provide a summary of your issue

Issue Description: Describe the issue you are having. Detail (as a list) the steps required to replicate your issue. Describe any particular setup options for the action to generate the issue. Indicate whether the issue can be generated every time by your steps or whether was a one-off or a random occurance