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Rootjazz Software Development

Rootjazz is a funk driven software development company that codes to the universal dub vibration that is found emmanating throughout the universe. We specialise in web automation applications, that help you make use of websites for your promotional needs without being stuck behind a computer for hours on end.

Rootjazz has completed many software projects some of which can be found on the Rootjazz Software home page and some which have been released privately.

Whitehat SEO automation applications to Blackhat spam applications, they are all the same from a programming perspective and we can code them all. If you have a custom web automation project you would like completed, please contact us for a quote, you will not be disappointed. If you are, you get your money back.

Completed Projects

Article CMS content poster and automation tool

Social CMS content poster and commenter automation marketing

Wiki Contenter Poster

Video CMS automation tool

MP3 site scrapers

File hosting uploaders

Soundcloud automation bot

Dribble automation bot

HitRecord automation bot automation bot

Tumblr automation bot

Reddit automation bot

Tumblr Image Downloader

Soundcloud Track Downloader

Soundclick Automation bot

Mixcloud Automation Bot

SERPS scraper / Google Scraper

Soundcloud Profile Details Scraper

Itunes Scraper

Google Play Scraper

XVideos automation bot

FTP Spider

OCR Captcha solver

Page View increaser

PornHub automation bot

Proxy scraper and verifier

Content Spinner

Reverbnation automation bot

Bulk Video water marker

Youtube commenter

Youtube uploader

Content Generators

Photobucket uploader

Licensing server

Wordpress Commenter

Referrer spammer

Rapid site indexer

If you would like to discuss any of these projects or similar work, please get in touch

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