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The Ultimate Instagram Automation bot. Increase your followers, post images, upload videos, auto follow, auto like, auto comment and more!

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Check out the YouTube Instadub Video Playlist to see how the bot works and see the full power it unleashes at your fingertips!

Upload Images

Keep your Instagram account up to date with the Image uploading modules. Upload specified images, via RSS feed, via watch folder and more

Upload Videos

As video gets more popular thus InstaDUB is with you all the way. Upload videos, auto split, watermark and link your videos

Direct Messages / Share image

Send messages direct to users with the option to share images with your DMs

Inbox Viewer

Scrape and view all inbox mesages received by your accounts. Auto accept pending messages and reply modules

Full story support

Post images as story, scrape story feel, watch / view stories, like / comment / repost stories

Repost Instagram Images

Search for images and repost to your instagram account. Watermark images, add overlay text, tag and mention users with full token support

Repost Instagram Videos

Search for videos and repost to your instagram account. Watermark videos, add description and mention users with full token support

Auto User Tag / Auto User Mentions

When posting images, tag users based on search. When posting images, automatically add @username mentions to your images


Detect when users have reacted to your profile / images (followed you / liked your image / commented on your media) then react to them. Follow them back, like their media, send a DM and an all NEW shoutout module. Create an image based on the users avatar or a collage of their recent media, add custom captions, watermark, overlay text and tag / mention their followers or any other users!

Search and Follow Users / Unfollow

Search for users, community members, community contributors, authors of posts returned by search and follow them automatically. Following users is a great way to get followers as most users will follow you back. But better than this is getting users to follow you back who are interested in the same niche as yourself, so the Instagram bot from rootjazz allows you to find users to follow by searching keywords / hashtags and numerous scrape functionality

Search and Post Comments

Search for images and add comments automatically. Posting messages to a post is a great way to engage the user and to get them to check your profile / pages

Search and Like images

Search for images, process all images for a user, search by hashtag, geolocation, images of followers, images of users who liked or commented and more. Instagram bot allows you to find images to Like by searching keywords / hashtags with the option to use advanced filters so you can find targeted images to like. Liking an images adds your profile URL to the post and is another way for users browsing Instagram to stumble across your profile. Full support for liking comments included

Full Accounts Support

Run an unlimited number of accounts in instadub. No limits or hidden charges for extra accounts!

Account Tagging for view filtering

Tag your accounts for easy viewing of niche specific accounts

3 Machine Install license

Install onto 3 machines for your own use

Run unlimited instances of the program on your machine

Each instances works from a separate database, allowing you to separate your concerns / niches / accounts anyway that suits your work flow

Avanced compound searches

The results of one search feed into other searches drilling deep into the ISG userbase, always finding new items to action on

Manage your actions by saving / loading when required

Want to run the same action each month, but not leave it in your processor, cluttering up the view? Then save it and load it as required

Instagram Scraper

Scrape lists of images / users to file

Import / Export

All your data belongs to you. You can import / export everything for your promotions

Database Storage

Instadub stores your data in a database structure. If you want to shut down the application, it can restart all processes currently queued up for processing. All processes can be redone, retried if failed, paused or cancelled.

Captcha API Support

Have the signup / login captchas solved by the following APIS.

  • Death by Captcha
  • By Pass Captcha
  • Human Coder
  • Decaptcher

Fantastic Support

We pride ourselves on offering fantastic support. Contact us via the forum, the ticket system or directly by email. Need to chat to someone, then we can come on Skype / Yahoo / AOL / ICQ whatever IM client you use to help you with any issues you may be having. Prefer to help yourself? Then check out the FAQ, the knowledge base or our Video Channel over on Youtube.

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