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Application does not start

Twitter bot requires that you have installed the FULL.Net Framework, version 4.5. If your machine is up-to-date with Windows Updates, this should already be installed. You can check whether you have it installed via:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Add / Remove Programs / Program Features
  • Check the latest version installed

Or you can just download the latest update from the Microsoft website

Does it run on a Mac

Twitterdub is a native Windows application. You can run it easily on a VM on your Mac / Linux box if you so wish. Using VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box, Boot camp etc.

Does Twitterdub use the twitter API?

Twitterdub does not use the Twitter API. Twitterdub automates exactly the HTTP REQUEST communications as if you performed the actions in your web browser yourself.

Is it a browser based bot?

No, Twitterdub does not use a browser control. The HTTP REQUESTS have been analysed (these are compressed text commands sent to the twitter server from your browser) and replicated. This means the program is fast and accurate and can handle many accounts running sandboxed at the same time

Can I install on more than one machine

Your license is good for you to install on *three* machines. We understand most users have a desktop, laptop and perhaps want to run it on a VPS server as well. This is a trust agreement that you use it on *your* machines and not give a copy to friends.

How many accounts can I add to the program

UNLIMITED! The program does not limit the amount of accounts you can add to the software. However, at some point you will reach a hard limit due to your computer spec. However, this will be in the many 1000s. If you need to run more than this 10,000+ please get in contact and we can explain how to set the program up on this using isolated database instances to handle this number of accounts and more!

How do I get Support?

Support Forum

Any Video Tutorials

Youtube Twitterdub playlist

can I have a trial?

Sorry, but we do not offer trials, the reason why is detailed here:

Why no trial version

There is a money back guarantee, so you can trial the software risk free to see if it works well for your needs. In our experience, users that make a payment first tend to be more committed to learning to use the program. Plus it avoids having to support users who have no intention of buying the software and just want to use it for the free trial period.

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