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Reverbnation Bot

The Ultimate Reverbnation Automation Bot , increase plays, video plays, widget views, chart positions, likes, favourites, comments and more

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Reverbnation Bot

Increase plays, Create Accounts, Video Plays, Likes, Comments, Scraping and more

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Application does not start

All our applications requires that you have installed the FULL.Net Framework, version 4.0. If your machine is up-to-date with Windows Updates, this should already be installed. You can check whether you have it installed via:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Add / Remove Programs / Program Features
  • Check the latest version installed

Or you can just download the latest update from the Microsoft website

Does it run on a Mac

The application is a native Windows application. You can run it easily on a VM on your Mac / Linux box if you so wish. Using VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box, Boot camp etc.

Increase your track plays quickly and easily. More...
Advanced processor allowing you to repeat, schedule, redo your automation actions More...
Increase your chart positions via Likes / Comments / Track Plays / Video Plays / Questions and more. More...