*** WARNING: Input blogname: xxxxxx doesn't match blogname on dashboard: yyyyyyyy ***

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Re: *** WARNING: Input blogname: xxxxxx doesn't match blogname on dashboard: yyyyyyyy ***

Post by support@rootjazz » Mon May 28, 2018 4:49 am

The initial thought was:
When TJ already know that the blogname doesnt match before the mass reblog action why not just correct the name in database so the action can perform?
once again, i didnt change the blogname this way by hand, that was just to demonstrate the error given, i changed mass blognames only via TJ update accounts.
You should have put Correct usernames in order to get them added to that tumblr blog. Right?
That username chnage field is intended to change username's which are available. If not available then it will fail.
I don't think this is a good practice of username chnage while reblog fails.

Why it should?
Is there any function in program that does automatic change?
You give instruction - the program executes.
Please understand that username change is account related change. If you try to reblog and due to error tj chnages the accs -
after a day you will see and you will think that how this is happened? I didn't check anything that will change the blog name.

This comes to my mind as a quick fix of those blognames:
1.) export all accounts to the CSV
2.) delete the blogname field in the Excel and save data in the import format without the blogname
3.) import it to TJ and run Verify Login on imported accounts
This is good idea but also needs the cookie to be generated again. Try this.

Good luck.


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