A Small Feature Request In Xvideojazz

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Adam Xtubeage
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A Small Feature Request In Xvideojazz

Post by Adam Xtubeage » Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:19 pm


So, After some time I tried xvideojazz few days back but again found the same error as not able to login on accounts i tried every possible ways i found in this forum and applied them but sometimes get suceed but most of the times failed :(.

So, Finally i tried to find out what is wrong with the captchas on xvideos and i found below points:

1) whenever we create accounts VPS,Proxies we will get captchas there.

2)Same with whenever we login from VPS OR Proxies (BUT WE DIDN'T GET CAPTCHAS AT LOGIN WHEN WE ARE IN ISP'S IP)

3) We get another captcha on the upload page (first time after login) after that all simultaneous uploads didn't shows any captchas unless we logout from that account.

Summarize all this issues I have a little suggession here if this works then we can even create accounts and login without any issues from inside the software as it is useless if most of the times you didn't even able to login. But in this process a little manual action will be needed.

What I am suggesting is if there was a extra "TAB" on the software which shows the internal browser works then it can be possible to overcome on this issues. Here's how:

1) when creating accounts users fills all details in the software and let it run and watch the browser, when software fill up all details on the sign up form user will just have to manually solve the captcha and then account is been created and also cookies will be saved (if applicable)

2)when login user can always check on the browser and solve the captcha manually and after login also solve the upload page captcha and then he/she can run the upload process automatically as there will be no other captchas will be shown and if sometime it will shows captchas the software will shows the error so that user can solve the captcha manually and run the process again.

Its just my sugession i didn't know it works or not but i have seen this exact process in an account creation software and from there i got this idea. I think martin can provide more details about this feature if it is workable or not.

But if it is workable then it will be great for all users as then we all can take atleast 90% of the work automatically whether only 10% (captcha solving) is manual.

Please let me know Martin about this

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Re: A Small Feature Request In Xvideojazz

Post by martin@rootjazz » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:31 pm

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. The program is currently in maintenance mode, meaning it will only get minor updates to existing features, no new major features.

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