Tweet posting - twitter schedule / action schedule

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Tweet posting - twitter schedule / action schedule

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Twitterdub can not post tweets / media using Twitter Scheduler, which means twitter will turn a tweet live at the scheduled date.

Double click the tweet row to set the SCHEDULE DATE manually per tweet.

Or right click the tweet row(s) and set the SCHEDULE DATE via the SCHEDULE context menu

Bulk set over a time period, select multiple rows > right click > SCHEDULE RANGE
Set the start date and the interval, then the tweets will be scheduled starting at the start date and each subsequent tweet scheduled at the interval period.

5 tweets:
start date: 22/05/2023 10:00
interval 10minutes

tweet 1 scheduled at 22/05/2023 10:00
tweet 2 scheduled at 22/05/2023 10:10
tweet 3 scheduled at 22/05/2023 10:20
tweet 4 scheduled at 22/05/2023 10:30
tweet 5 scheduled at 22/05/2023 10:40

The above methods will set the SCHEDULE DATE and display the schedule date in the tweet list control. Another method is to set the ACTION SCHEDULE, set the start date and interval for the action. Then when the action runs, it will dynamically set the tweet schedule date at run time.
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