How to add RSS feeds and create a task?

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How to add RSS feeds and create a task?

Post by Kholla » Fri May 04, 2018 11:58 am



Describe what is going wrong:
I am unable to add RSS feeds, because I do not know what "Assign RSS element" mean

Describe what was expected:
Is there is any thread/tutorial explaining "Assign RSS element"?

Can you please elaborate more on "Assign RSS elements"

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Re: How to add RSS feeds and create a task?

Post by support@rootjazz » Tue May 08, 2018 9:02 am

Please watch this gif -

It has 1 account selected
1 rss link in the left blank and is from tumblr

I have selected tumblr link from the drop down
Then hit post

There you can find more options like that( inbuilt options )

More information :

If your rss links are different then

The media will be treated as item and it should have some tags
Those tags will be item tags - so you need to specify token > item> in the item blank and for

URL - the media link - you need to specify the tag name of in which the links are in

The media should have some title and is alwasy between <title> </title> tag so put title in description .. etc

for custom tags, you can put own tags below to the pop up window.

I think you will get some help.

tutorial link -


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