Activity Ratio: followings / activitycount (status+likes)

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Activity Ratio: followings / activitycount (status+likes)

Post by martin@rootjazz » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:02 pm

Activity ratio to filter in / out based on the ratio of number of followings and number of "activity".

Activity is worked out as: statuses+likes.

Why would you want this? Well I well just quote the user who requested it :)
this chap is a "non-active user". He is of literally no use to me. He's
a "follow hunter". He will never like or retweet anything I EVER do (or
even see it, but I don't mind that as much). He'll never engage.

<<The Logic>>
How do I know he won't engage mathematically? Two stats. Look at his
like count, it's 150. Look at his tweet count, 959, not bad. But look at
his follower/following counts! 1959/10000. He probably hunted me by the
looks of it.

What does it mean? A person is useful, in an engagement respect, if they
engage (like or retweet).

<<The Math>>
ActvityRatioGoal = 1;
LikeCount = 150;
TweetCount = 929;
FollowingCount = 1959;

ActivityCount = LikeCount+TweetCount; // 150 + 929= 1079
ActivityRatio = FollowingCount / ActivityCount; //1959 / 1079= 1.81

If (ActivityRatio > ActvityRatioGoal) // 1.81 > 1
fail // (ditch this tool)
pass // he's ok.

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