What makes TwitterDub different?

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What makes TwitterDub different?

Post by madaraston12 »

Hello friends.
I have used panel before, but most of my accounts have fallen to sms verification.

While searching for new panel, I saw TwitterDub.

I don't know if my problems are caused by ip, but how can twitterdub provide me with a feature about it.

How can we be sure that twitter won't detect them when we link the accounts to the panel?

And what sets TwitterDub apart from other twitter panels that they don't but you do?
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Re: What makes TwitterDub different?

Post by martin@rootjazz »

fairly sure I replied to you already with exact same questions: Maybe an email?

did you not get my reply?
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Re: What makes TwitterDub different?

Post by iamshivi »

Twitterdub is really good, just a got bit of a learning curve. I have been automating social media platforms for a couple of years now, Used almost of all the softwares on the market. Twitterdub is just the best for Twitter atm, Plus the unmatched support Martin provides. This is the deal you could ever find. Vouch for him :)
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