outlook pop verification not work in instadub

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outlook pop verification not work in instadub

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You told me to explain the pop settings in full, so in this email I will address exactly this.
I use Outlook and Hotmail emails. And the pop and imap settings of these emails are completely open. You may ask, how is it open?
I am using a software for setting up pop emails. That is, the email proxy is exactly the same as the proxy used in the Instagram robot.
So you see, with the same IP, I will not have a problem entering the email!
But the problem is that Instagram does not use pop settings properly and has a very fundamental problem.

However, I do not know how many jobs are facing this problem and whether they have received the correct answer or not. I think the answer is No.
.That's why I want to get the right answer and solution for my question from you forever or stop using InstaDub.

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/off ... 414e2aa040
I use the pop link description above.
Imap :
smtp :
I have used the above three settings in Instagram.But I did not get any result and only error and error.
The accounts that I buy are in the following format and description, and I will send you the market address for you to view.

A backup mail is attached to the hotmail mail, which is included in the package. There is access to backup mail
All mails have IMAP / POP 3 enabled !!!

Account format: login: password: login_hotmail: password_hotmail: login_mail: password_mail
............................................................account example with pop enable is : Username,Password,ip:port:username:password,Outlook email:password:recovery email:password recovery email .Like the profile below, each email has a recovery email.Pradeep.Koester.95373:yK785JGb:SinkinIlnaz2001@outlook.com:Zz5lTpW:rada.vinogradov59@bk.ru:2potJp85
But I do not enter the account in high format, but add pop settings to the email.
While only entering the outlook email, the first email is important and recovery email has no role.
I have already said that outlook email is enabled with its dedicated pop and imap settings software, with a proxy in both the software and Instagram.
According to the above format, I enter the account into the robot, but Instagram does not receive any code.
Do you really not accept that even 1% is a problem in  InstaDub? Really?
Suppose I have 100 accounts in the following format:
username1,password,proxy,email outlook,password email,outlook.office365.com,995,True
username2,password,proxy,email outlook,password email,outlook.office365.com,995,True
username100,password,proxy,email outlook,password email,outlook.office365.com,995,True
I want to import these accounts and get the account verification code with the Server verify option, because the pop-up settings for emails are really open.
Well, I can get this code manually by opening the browser in Instagram, but then why did I order Instadub?
I hope you investigate my problem and give me a convincing answer once and for all.
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