Creating new accounts

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Creating new accounts

Post by Gfrost92 »

Hello. I saw the tutorial on creating new accounts and it seems like the new version doesn't have a proxy success log. How else can I get verified proxies?

Also what's the step by step for creating new accounts that work and are reliable? Do I need to get e-mail addresses, private proxies, both?

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Re: Creating new accounts

Post by martin@rootjazz »

that was an old old video tutorial, but proxy plays should still generate that file.

But I doubt it would be useful currently, public proxies are not as usable as they were, most are blocked by soundcloud already and if you do manage to create an account with them, the risk is it will be banned sooner or later.

But the big issue is now only browser based signup module is working and it is unlikely a public proxy will hold for that process and even less likely google will allow it to solve the rcaptcha nocaptchv2
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