unique items across accounts

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unique items across accounts

Post by martin@rootjazz » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:03 pm

To not process duplicate items across multiple accounts, you have multiple options.

When you run a SHARED ACTION, the "already processed" lists for each account in the shared action is used to ensure, no item is processed if any of the accounts in the shared action have already processed the item. Additionally, the items that are processed in the shared action are recorded by all accounts and not processed by any account (in the shared action) in the future (even if an account is running a single account action)

On the action tabs (eg follow tab) you can select multiple accounts and select MERGE PROCESSED ITEMS. This will run a function to merge the processed items lists of all selected accounts at that point in time. Meaning no item processed by any account in the merge *already* will be processed again. This is a one-off merge, meaning the processed lists will diverge as you run more separate actions in future. Please note, if you perform this on the follow tab, only the followed processed items are merged.

3) Global processed logs - (most of the time people want this option)
Again, on the action tabs (eg follow tab) select your accounts, right click GLOBAL PROCESSED LOGS > ADD
What this does is sync all select accounts togeth their processed lists. This means the synced accounts will never process duplicate items regardless of what type of actions is used (shared / single). The difference between (2) "manual merge" is that this is a permanent sync, there will never be any duplication. Again this only applies to the action tab applied to (so only follow items if performed on the follow tab, only like items if performed on like tab)

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