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Please share your advice :)

Post by Bartekef » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:40 am

Hey everyone :) So I'm in the place that I want to scale up my things. I'm using soundcloud manager, twitterdub and instadub for promo. Basically, Ive got a product and I managed to scrape thousands profiles of people who are most likely to buy it (they used similar product before).

To this day, I used to follow these profiles using few accounts (5 on soundcloud, 2 on twitter, 1 on instagram). + likes etc. But really nothing else. So I guess many of them seen my follow, didnt even follow back and my bots never ever reach them again, because theyre not following the same profiles twice.

What I'm trying to do, is to become constantly 'vibisle' to my prospect customers, like they have to see that I'm liking their tracks, commenting etc. just engaging with their music on a daily/weekly basis, so if they need the product - they remember me, remind about me and go to my website shop.

My idea is to create 10 soundcloud profiles, using different proxies, with my main profile name + 'Repost' in name, the same branding etc. and links to my main profile, website etc. and engage with my prospects - to set up like actions, comment actions etc. on newest media of my prospect customers profiles.

My 'fake' profiles look exactly the same like the main one; only difference is they have 'repost' in the name + I don't upload any tracks to them, only repost music from my main profile. These profiles always point out to the main profile and my website shop.

Also to replicate the same on twitter; I'm only not sure if I want to use few different profiles for IG - I think I will just stick to one (it already has 10k followers).

The problem is - how to set it up, so it would run smoothly, on autopilot, to make sure every person will have their newest track liked and/or commented by one of my profiles on soundcloud, while my 'fake' accounts won't process the same items?

I ask you - experienced users - if you could share some advice with me or even show me your setups ? So I can run my promotion smoothly and effectively, without causing my CPU to blow up?

Do you suggest scraping 'active' users for now and perform actions on them? Or scrape even non-active (guys who didn't upload anything in last 3 months for example) and keep adding them to my bots for processing, and bot would check if they added something new yet?
Etc. etc.

The number of profiles to process is about 50k. If I get rid off those who didnt upload anything in last 3 months, I think I will have 25k left. I think its better to keep engaging with active profiles, on the other hand - I had some serious customers coming from 'dead' profiles with almost none activity...

Or wait a second, I just counted my files, it will be more around 100k lol..

And maybe you got better solution to reach the same goal - be consitently 'visible' and active on profiles of my potential customers?

Thanks a lot!

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