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Failed login

Post by qw20211202 »

The problem now is that the account can be verified successfully, and the picture can also be successfully posted! But I can't log in to the built-in browser, and I can't log in by manually entering the account password in the built-in browser! But I can successfully log into the account using my local computer's browser! What is the reason for this?
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Re: Failed login

Post by martin@rootjazz »

Why are you trying to log into the browser module?
what are you trying to do?

why not use the normal tumjazz login function?

Goto the ACCOUNTS tab
Check the account
click the link VERIFY:LOGIN

This will create an action and send it to the PROCESSING TAB
Goto the processing tab and click RUN. The action will run.
You can double click the action to view the logs and submit logs.

does the account login?

If not, submit logs


then send your logs ID - the first 4 numbers is sufficient (displayed after successful uploading of logs)

If there is a reason why you want to use the BROWSER MODULE, let me know, again submit logs and tell me why you cannot login with the built in browser, what goes wrong?

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