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*** Limited support - rootjazz holiday Sat 25th Sept - Tues 5th Oct ***

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2021 5:02 pm
by martin@rootjazz
Sorry but support is currently on holiday from Saturday September 26th until Tuesday October 5th.


For anyone having a license issue
(purchased and not received: hotmail / outlook etc) or cannot license the applications please send an email to

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with a subject LICENSING and I will try and get online from time to time and handle those

If your license is rejected with error message "no license uses left", then you can reset your license:

Enter your license and all existing licenses are removed, freeing up your license to install on any machines you want

If you have lost your license, you can have it resent:

Enter the email you purchased with and within a few moments you will receive your license details

Everything and everyone else, please don't email. For alll bugs / issues / features / updates post to the forum and I will get to them when I get back.


For support, please check the appropriate forums for each product and don't forget to use the Forum search you may find what you need :-)

Documentation is available for the following programs:
instadub documentation
tumbling jazz documentation
soundcloud manager documentation

for twitterdub, no specify documentation exists (sorry) but it works the same as instadub, so you can look at that documentation and it's all more or less the same :-)


The youtube channel has playlists that may also help you in understand how to perform specific actions:

Getting started Video Tutorials: ... ETCK9G4plw

Basic Introductory Tutorials: ... 2RrrQQNSfA

All Video Tutorials: ... gNsof_9DxV

v2: Getting Started with Twitterdub (updated) ... EflfH0NrWV

Older tutorials
Getting started with Twitterdub ... 2WUsB1rQN3

All Twitterdub tutorials: ... nlEefs2Gan

Soundcloud Manager:
SoundcloudManager is constantly updating, being improved, added to. Due to this some of the older tutorials may be a bit out of date in regard to the look of the application, however the sentiment will still apply. Firstly it is receommended you watch the Latest Tutorials for SoundcloudManagerv3, which are up to date and relate to the current application. Any module / function you do not find in the v3 tutorials will be covered in the older tutorials.

Beginners Guide SoundcloudManager v3 ... mQ-y_37SdJ

SoundcloudManager v3 - All tutorials ... 8Ok47r_keF

Soundcloud Manager v3 - Features ... DfaQ5XjyLG

Soundcloud Manager Beginners Quick Guide Series (older but still applicable) ... W4iV_v9G7Z

SeriesA: Beginners Guide to Get verified list of proxies / Create Accounts / Increase Likes (older but still applicable) ... jUvZUUSoCw

Soundcloud Manager All Beginners Tutorials (older but still applicable) ... ROFzp1nF08

All Video Tutorials ... ihFRBzMGYD

Getting started with TumblingJazz: ... W_O6edsXR6

All TumblingJazz tutorials: ... NnUwHORWmU


Sorry for any inconvenience, but as this is the first time off in 9 years, it is needed :-)

Thanks for your understanding