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change country

Post by damaa »

I would like to change the country and language to Japan, but is it okay if the country is jp and the language is ja?
This setting allows you to change the language, but not the country.
Japan is the representative.
May I ask why?
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Re: change country

Post by martin@rootjazz »

Didn't realise that was an option and no one has requested it. So it's not supported at this time.

As for adding it.

The suggestion has been noted and added to the feature suggestions list. Depending on the demand for the change / feature will alter how quickly it gets implemented.

As others have asked for the option to prioritise their feature, I'm just letting you know (it's by no means compulsory) if the feature is very important to you, we do offer the chance to sponsor the feature to get it developed ASAP. If interested write in with your budget (it's simple, the more you pay bigger the priority will be :-) for further discussion: support[at]rootjazz[dot]com
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