Proxies for using browser login

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Proxies for using browser login

Post by sleepyboi »

Hey, I'm trying to login to my accounts and datacenter proxies don't seem to work but residential/4g proxies do. But they're very slow and not stable.

Does anyone have any tips on which proxies to use?
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Re: Proxies for using browser login

Post by martin@rootjazz »

with lower quality proxies, they "should" still work with anti-captcha credit to solve the captcha. Success rate was abotu 50% when I last tested. Haven't heard back it's not working so am assuming it still is

Otherwise, as you found out, you're stuck with residential proxies being of high quality enough to get you logged in. You could just use those proxies for the login, then move to your datacentre proxies after? (no guarantees this will work, but I don't see why it shouldn't / haven't heard it doesn't)
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