unsigned bot

Just released to the public.

Unsigned Bot

Increase your Unsigned stats quickly and easily. Increase Unsigned plays across your tracks,  Increase Unsigned comments, Increase Unsigned fans, Increase Unsigned followers.

The Unsigned Bot from Rootjazz includes an advanced scraping module allowing you to engage other users / fans / artists. Search and follow, search and fan, search and comment. Engaging users is the first step in getting the users to interactive with you, by checking out your tracks, following you and liking your tracks.

Unsigned.com is a great site for unsigned bands / DJs / Producers and getting a prominent position on the treading pages is great exposure for any musician.  Get your tracks to the top positions via

    <li>Increased plays</li>
    <li>Increased Likes</li>
    <li>Increased Comments</li>
    <li>MASS functionality features</li>

    Also included is an advanced account creator, allowing you to easily create accounts to use for your Mass Comments, Mass Follows and Mass Fans.

    Learn how to scrape lists of tracks / users / profile details and email addresses for direct marketing potential. Outreach and network with artists in your area or new locations you want to move into, look for gigs, find remix / collaboration  opportunities and more.

    The Best Reverbnation Bot available today, from rootjazz.