soundcloud manager - scrape users who commented on a track

Another Brand new feature to the Soundcloud Manager - Soundcloud bot, User Commenter Scraper

Simply specify the Track URL and the program will go and scrape all users who commented on the track.

A great way for you to follow up users who commented on your track, or to contact users who commented on another track who perhaps might like your music ;-)

Rock On \m/

Mr R Jazz.

soundcloud manager - email scraper

Brand new feature to the Soundcloud Manager - Soundcloud bot, EMAIL SCRAPER.

Simply specify what groups to scrape and the Best Soundcloud Bot on the market, will scrape all users in those groups who have entered their emails to their profiles.

Producing for you, a highly targeted, genre specific list of Emails to use as you wish.

Mr R Jazz.

tumblingjazz - tumblr bot

Rootjazz presents (some day soon) TumblingJazz - the ultimate tumblr bot.

Automatically create Tumblr accounts

Auto poster bot for Tumblr

Like Tumblr posts via search

Search and Follow Tumblr users

Mass like a post

Mass Follow a user

Keep your eyes on the TumblingJazz website for updates on the latest to the market!

article posting bot - coming soon from rootjazz

So has been a while since I posted so thought should write about progress.

Work has been going in earnest with the dub vibrations keeping me in a zen like form whilst I crack the whip at the coding monkies bashing out the latest codes which will form the basis of the Best Article Bot the world has seen.

All the usual suspects will be supported

    <li>Article friendly</li>
    <li>Wordpress Article Directories</li>
    <li>Article Script</li>
    <li>My Article Script</li>
    <li>and more and more...</li>

    You can be sure of the same fantastic support as you come to expect from Rootjazz, the personal touch so much missing from companies these days. This combined with robust, fast and effective codes, will mean this will be the tool to have in 2013. Oh did I forget to mention it will be at an unbelievable low price.

    No more shall the budding SEO marketer have to fork out $100s for an article post, no no no.

    Keep your yes jazzed on Rootjazz for more information

    soundcloud downloader

    Just released, the Soundcloud Downloader, perhaps the first desktop based Soundcloud Downloader application that allows you to download all by artist, search by track / genre / length.

    I am biased, but this app is seriously cool. Got a favourite artist with 100s of tracks, many of which are stream only. Well no problem, fire up the free soundcloud downloader, enter the Artist Soundcloud URL and download them all.

    Some features

      <li>Multiple downloads</li>
      <li>Scheduled downloads</li>
      <li>Artist search</li>
      <li>Track Search</li>
      <li>Download stream only tracks</li>
      <li>Did I say FREE?</li>

      soundcloud manager

      For a first post, I thought it would be a good idea to write about our main software so far, Soundcloud Manager.

      The software has now bedded in post launch and will be getting to the 1.1 release. Just a couple of new features to add

        <li>Unfollow if not followed by</li>
        <li>Mass follow from list</li>

      Well, there are actually a few more feature suggestions, but am holding back on those to see if any more requests come in. Note to self stop trying to implement every single request from every single person.

      If you haven't checked the Soundcloud bot yet, do so, it really is the best bot on the market. Not only that, it is also the cheapest souncloud automation product out there (at the moment, everyone tells me to increase the price but I am holding back for some reason, take advantage whilst you can!

      The Soundcloud feature "repost" is also in development, but this is  a big feature and proving difficult. I am not aware of any other bot that can do this yet (for a good reason -  it is bloody hard), but hopefully we will be the first to implement this.

      Stay tuned for our mailing list come at you soon, with free programs galore. Plans in the pipe line include

      1. Free proxy scraper application
      2. Free auto spinner
      3. Free content submissions tools
      4. more more more

      so, I will sign off now.