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XVideos Automation

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Affiliate System

If you are interested in promoting the XVideosJazz bot software, you can earn 40% of the sale (about $30) for each sale you make.

The XVideosJazz Affiliate system is handled by Click2sell, you can find more information and signup for your FREE account here on our affiliate product page

In order to get started promoting XVideosJazz

  • Signup for a free account at Click2Sell
  • Verify your Click2sell account by clicking the link in the email
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You can add your affiliate link anywhere you like that might drive traffic. On popular forums, on social network sites, in emails, on your blog or anywhere else you can think of.

The affiliate system is brand new, so if there is anything we can do to help you get started, do let us know via the contact form, the forum, or send us a ticket

If you would like to get a personal http://rootjazz.com/xvideosjazz/purchase.html?id=#your-id-here# redirect link to make your affiliate link look more official, just send us a message and we can sort that out for you

XVideosJazz Affiliate Information on Click2Sell

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