Posting and cutting videos dont work afther update

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Posting and cutting videos dont work afther update

Post by kissmylilstar » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:32 am

when i try to post videos and let the program cut them the program is not uploading the videos i only see text as tweet

F:\Torrents\tor 2\Nieuwe map (4)\[Tushy] Kenzie Reeves - Gape Me Before You Go (15.06.2018) rq.mp4 is what gets tweeted.

this is what the log says:

Exception: NullReferenceException
De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.
bij LibTwitter.TwitterBot.Post(DbAction db, Bot bot, String url, Dictionary`2 dict, String reffer, Boolean ajax, Boolean bAutoRedirect, Boolean bMultiPart)
bij 遛햛䂄굂袋.ᦧᕌ袕粲㛣ᝫ縨뙣(String 盭ꀞ骩동썣᱓, Bot 걗죳⭯螱夣እ잓⣂, DbAction 褥鞱ᄙ쇦๲�貊)
bij 遛햛䂄굂袋.DoPerform(Bot bot, String text, DbAction db, DbAccount dbAc)

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Re: Posting and cutting videos dont work afther update

Post by martin@rootjazz » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:01 pm

oh you did post it in it's own thread (ignore my reply in the other thread).

I need some more information please:

Please, read through this post and submit your issue accordingly. Not everything will be relevant to your issue, but have a read as it gives an idea of the information you can provide to help me help you as quickly as possible without delays in having to request additional information :)

app logs

video posting settings

does it work if posting a single video

do all videos fail or just this one


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