** REDUCED SUPPORT: 5th Oct > 17th Oct 2015 ***

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** REDUCED SUPPORT: 5th Oct > 17th Oct 2015 ***

Post by martin@rootjazz »

Due to holidays, support will be running reduced between the above dates. So please be a bit patient, you will get a response, but it might take up to 48 hours

If there is something urgent, please email it in:

Code: Select all

and mark the subject **URGENT***

and by URGENT I mean URGENT. Not, you don't know how to do something, not that you can only post 200 times in a day and you think you should be able to do it 250 times.

Before mailing in. Check for updates

If there is a testing update, try that.

Run through the usual solutions, restart app, restart machine.

If you are running on XP, update your OS :-)

Failing that, and it is still urgent, submit ALL DETAILS as requested here:


Any mails received, not in that format, or that are not urgent are unlikely to get a response
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