Can't post images to account

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Can't post images to account

Post by panama »

Every time i try to post some images to an account, i get some sort of error. Here are the detailed logs:

Code: Select all

06:01:01: watchcmdimages_274b0c60-76b2-4ad3-a6ee-bdd50c097870: Checking: "folder"
06:01:01: watchcmdimages_274b0c60-76b2-4ad3-a6ee-bdd50c097870: Running Data File checks
06:01:01: watchcmdimages_274b0c60-76b2-4ad3-a6ee-bdd50c097870: Found: 0: Data File checks
06:01:01: watchcmdimages_274b0c60-76b2-4ad3-a6ee-bdd50c097870: Running Image File checks
06:01:01: watchcmdimages_274b0c60-76b2-4ad3-a6ee-bdd50c097870: Found: 0: Image File checks
06:01:06: ListAllDbActions.Add(db): 0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0 Total: 19
06:01:06: * start: postimages id: 0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0
06:01:06: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Using: 1 accounts
06:01:06: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Post images: "account"
06:01:06: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Logging in: "account" "email" "password" with proxy: "proxy"
06:01:06: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Attempting to login: "account":"password" Proxy: "proxy"
06:01:06: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Attempt to load from cookies
06:01:07: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Blogname: "account"
06:01:07: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: logged in via cookies: "account" Proxy: "proxy"
06:01:08: postimages_0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0: Action failed: exlic: "account"
06:01:09: * finished success: postimages id: 0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0
06:01:10: ActionCompleted: postimages finally DoProcessConsumerThread call processThread consumer-0-1079f0a7259a4cc0a46af1975dd3b508
06:01:10: ActionProcessComplete: 0b8b5653-24a1-4225-8fdf-54fbda9286d0
06:01:10: MoveAllWaitingToQueue
I think the important thing is that "Action failed: exlic:" but i have no idee what it means...
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Re: Can't post images to account

Post by martin@rootjazz »

Please update

don't load the app

then find your license file

Click the Windows / Start button (or press the Windows key on your keyboard)
In Windows 7 you can type straight into the search box, in XP click run first
%appdata%\rootjazz\tumbling jazz\

should be call tumbling jazz.lic

delete it, then load the app.

Try the action again, if it is still a problem, submit logs

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