WTF pop settings?

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WTF pop settings?

Post by martin@rootjazz » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:47 pm

Now that gmail mass account creation has been closed by soundcloud you are left with either using a catchall account or imported accounts.

With imported accounts you need to set the POP settings.

POP is a protocol that allows the checking of emails. When you check emails in the webrowser you are using the HTTP protocol. Another method is IMAP, but we don't use it, so just forget that for now :-)

The POP protocol is an easy way for applications to access your email. In order to do this, the application requires the settings to access your email account. These are
* username
* password
* POP server
* POP port
* SSL (secure)

This information can be specified in a line that can be imported quickly and easily to the Soundcloud Manager software.

For example, the following are some hotmail accounts

Code: Select all,2367sfdsg,,995,true,sdfdfhy3t,,995,true,sdgrty764,,995,true 
Please note the format
username , password , server , port , ssl enabled

To find out your pop settings you can try the following links ... p+settings


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